We have tried to provide you with the most convenient solution for Buy Telegram Channel views, our robot has the capacity to do several thousands of orders in a moment and provides you with several options for Buy Telegram Post views. The most important and practical feature of our bot is Telegram auto views, by which you can register your channel in the bot, and after each post you make in the channel, the bot will automatically view the basic information you have provided. Registers the order.

In the last decade, Telegram has become the most popular social network in most countries due to its attractive features and updates, and has managed to have more than one billion monthly active users. Businesses in Telegram can create a channel to introduce their business (products – services, etc.). Our robot allows you to increase the number of views of the posts you put in your channel.


(All new users will be awarded 1000 free coins🎁, equivalent to 1000 views)


Telegram Views Bot


Telegram Views Bot

One of the reasons for the huge growth of Telegram and its high popularity is the ability to create different bots. These bots have exclusive source code and exclusive capabilities and are hosted outside Telegram servers, bots help us solve problems quickly and speed up work. Our bot is a practical bot to increase Telegram views, which helps business owners to increase the credibility of their channel.

Features Telegram Views Bot

  • Single post views (You can place an order for one post)
  • Multi post views (You can place an unlimited number of orders for one or more posts)
  • Auto post views (By activating this feature, views will be automatically sent to your posts)

Buy Telegram Auto views

We are with you to introduce you to the unique feature of our bot, namely Telegram auto views, you can register your orders automatically using this feature, which is part of the bot’s features. To add a channel to the robot, just enter the robot and click on {🚀 Auto post views} and then select {⚡️ Register a new channel} to add a new channel and in the next step select the desired number of views. Send to bot. For example, if you need the bot to automatically send a thousand Telegram views after sending each post on your channel, just send the number of thousand to the bot. In the next step, you must add the bot {@Dragonviewsbot} to your channel in Telegram, note that you must give management access to the bot. In the next step, forward a post from your channel to our bot. Congratulations! Your channel has been successfully added.

Free Telegram views

To further introduce the robot and win users’ trust, we give all new users a certain number of initial coins for free, you can use these coins in any of the parts of the robot. Please note that each Telegram account will receive these coins only once. After finishing the initial free coins and using them for Free Telegram views, you can buy more coins.