Increase the number of Views to your posts by using the Telegram bot @Dragonviewsbot.

In the last decade, Telegram has become the most popular social network in most countries due to its attractive features and updates, and has managed to have more than one billion monthly active users. Businesses in Telegram can create a channel to introduce their business (products – services, etc.). Our robot allows you to increase the number of views of the posts you put in your channel.


buy telegram post views

( All new users will be awarded a thousand free coins, equivalent to a thousand views )


buy telegram post views


Features Telegram Views Bot :

Single post views (You can place an order for one post)

Multi post views (You can place an unlimited number of orders for one or more posts)

Auto post views (By activating this feature, views will be automatically sent to your posts)



What is the use of your robot?

Suppose you have a channel on the popular social network Telegram, you have ten thousand subscribers on your channel. The more views you post on your channel, the more credibility your channel will have in the eyes of real users, and our robot will help you in this matter.

Is there a limit to the use of your robot?

No, it depends on your purchase. You can buy specified packages with a specified volume of coins or buy and use unlimited packages (with fair consumption). The minimum order for each post is 300 views and the maximum depends on our capacity, it will vary between 200 thousand and more than 2 million views.

How can I charge my account?

First enter the robot, then click on (( Buy Coins )) and choose the payment method or send a message to our support account in Telegram: @ashaco