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Telegram is a popular social network that allows you to create a channel for one-way communication (you leave messages and users see them). Telegram Viewer The number of your posts is a sign of the popularity of your channel in Telegram. Telegram Views Bot is a bot that allows you to increase your Telegram Channel Views at a high speed.

How does Telegram count views?

Each user can join Telegram with one number, each post you post on the channel has a specific ID and address, and each Telegram user, whether you see it once or ten times, will add one number to the number of views. If the number of views of a post is ten thousand, it means that ten thousand different Telegram accounts have visited it. That post may have been visited a hundred thousand times, but the number is ten thousand, which means it has been viewed multiple times by the same people.

Telegram Views Bot

Bots in Telegram behave like assistants and will do whatever they are programmed to do in the best way. Telegram Views Bot is a bot that is programmed to help you increase the views of your posts. This robot has many features that we will examine some of its features together.

1- Single and Multi Post Views

You may need a particular post or several posts to have more views, the robot has prepared both options for you, if you need to order a post, just click on the “Order Single Post Views” key. and after entering the desired number (for example, a thousand) and choosing the required speed to complete the order, it is enough to forward the mail to the robot. Your order will start in a few minutes and be completed quickly.

If you need to place an order for more than one post, just click on “Order Multi Post Views” and then enter the desired number of views (for example, a thousand – note that this number applies to everyone equally) and in the next step, choose the speed of the order and then forward the posts to the robot, there is no limit in sending posts.
Keep in mind that if you have a hundred posts and you want 50 of them to get 1,000 views and the other 50 to get 2,000 views, you must place the orders in two steps.

2 – Auto Post Views

If you want to register your order manually after sending each post in your channel, you will do a very laborious work and you will get tired quickly, one of the features of our robot is the “Auto Post Views” feature. This feature allows you to add your own channel to the robot through the “Auto Post Views” option and set the specified number of views and speed. (can be managed and edited later)

This will help you to manage your channel without worry, every post in your channel will be automatically registered by the robot according to the settings you have made, and the registration report will be sent as a message inside the robot to you will give You can add unlimited channels to the robot and specify completely separate and exclusive settings for each one and edit and change them whenever you need.


How can I use Telegram auto views?

Just click on @Lemonviewsbot or enter it in the Telegram search, after that the bot will open for you, you can activate it by pressing the “Start” button, you will be awarded a thousand free initial coins that you can use with it. Test the robot and if you are satisfied, you can purchase coins from the support or automatically.

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